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2017 Sand Sculpting


2017 International Sand Sculpting Festival

Photos and writing by:  A J Terminiello for RevereBeach.com

The Annual Revere Beach Sand Sculpting Festival

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Day 1 “Bring on the Sand”

As with every great adventure, it always starts with a first, but crucial step. When it comes to sculpturing sand, it’s the sand you use. Revere Beach may be full of it-sand that is, but not the right kind, for that it’s brought in from Hudson, New Hampshire. On Friday morning, by 730am, the first of 12 tractor-trailers all carrying 33 tons of sand unloaded on the sidewalk of Revere Beach Boulevard, that’s 400 tons of sand.

It will take several crews, several days to square away and get ready for the main event. The “Center Piece” will showcase the USS Constitution, surrounded by 15 of the world’s  best sand sculptors competing to be crowned.

Day 2  “Boots on the Ground”

Time to get to Work for the Revere Beach Annual International Sand Sculpting Festival. It’s Saturday afternoon, 400 tons of sand has been moved, piled and re-piled, now it’s time go get things started. Wooden forms for the base of the US Constitution need to be arranged, and joined together. Waterlines are run to keep the sand moist and moldable for the artists and tools of all sizes shapes are at the ready, laid out along the beach wall.

Unlike the early morning arrival of the sand on a very dismal beach day, all this commotion has caused quite a large crowd to gather at the site. Questions, pictures and conversation all took place between total strangers, all adding their bits of information and best guess of what’s going to happen next. All I can say for sure, is, the next thing is day 3.

Day 3  “The Start of Something Beautiful”

It’s Sunday afternoon on America’s First Public Beach, Revere Beach and everyone is talking about the upcoming event next weekend. Early signs of life are showing at the center piece area, a few major sponsor sculptors are taking shape, the construction of the US Constitution are expanding nicely.

It’s a gorgeous day to be at the beach, as many were. Enjoying Revere Beach with family and friends, making the best of a Sunday and for most a day of rest from the work force.

The crowd that filled the sands of the beach will pale to what is coming. Yes folks, next weekend you can’t buy a parking space or a square of turf for your blanket, it’s the International Sand Sculpturing Festival, right here at Revere Beach. You will see 15 of the world’s best sand sculpturing artists competing for bragging rights and CASH, food, food and more food, all from vendors of all nationalities and tasty treats from cold drinks to a full meal of your choosing and particular taste. Live bands performing, Friday evening and all day Saturday, and the grand finale of fireworks to conclude the event Saturday night.

I stress again, the crowds for this are not for the faint of heart, the count will reach over the tens of thousands, but all worth the trip for a spectacular weekend at Revere Beach.

Day 4  Revere Beach – “Wind in Our Sails”

Monday afternoon on Revere Beach with just 2 days to go, to start the International Sand Sculpturing Festival. Wednesday at 8am all artists and their crews are hitting the beach with all the imagination they can carry into this contest. To some it’s a day at the beach, but to these artists it’s a high -pressure environment, with winner take all. Believe me, the voting by the thousands of visitors is not taken lightly either. Over the years the voters have developed a sense of what they want in a winner, and how far the artist needs to go to get their vote.

Today is Monday and we see the rise of sails of the Constitution. If you look closely, and use your imagination you can feel the offshore breeze and see the sails open up in the clear blue sky. Sponsors names are set in cargo boxes, scattered along the beach. The sun is setting on Revere Beach as the day comes to a close, showing that Tuesday will be even more promising.

Day 5   “The Calm Before the Storm”

It’s Tuesday evening all the sculptors working on the center piece have left. All is pretty quiet, passers by are grabbing a few snap shots, and admiring the beautiful Constitution reproduction that’s taking shape on Revere Beach. Wednesday is another story, at 8am the official contest is underway. That means the beach will be filled with crowds of spectators, news media and the worlds best sand sculptors.

The placement order on Revere Beach has been predetermined, and a large place card with the sculptors face and info has been placed in front of a pile of sand.

Final touches of sponsors and the centerpiece will be done on Wednesday, and then it will be up to the contestants and their crews. For the upcoming 5 days, Revere Beach is the center of attraction for thousands of visitors to our fair city. The weather outlook is good, the anticipation of this event has been over the top, so as the saying goes, “Let the Games Begin” and may the best artist win.