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RevereBeach.com was created for those of us with a great sense of pride in our community and even stronger feeling of emotional attachment to something that we can all relate to and remember with great fondness, Revere Beach, America’s first public beach.

The idea for RevereBeach.com was developed in 1997 by Bob Upton, a Revere Beach enthusiast who realized that the Internet would be a place where people could go to learn more about Revere Beach. Having been involved in the creation of audio and videocassette historical projects featuring Revere Beach and its rich history, Bob realized that the Internet would be a great resource. Through the tremendous support, encouragement, and help of many local historians and artists and organizations RevereBeach.com has become a reality.

It would not be possible for any of us to enjoy this work without the recognition of Mr. Peter McCauley as the primary consultant and historian responsible for the inspiration in creating RevereBeach.com. Peter has always been a great resource in teaching all of us about Revere Beach and its wonderful history. He along with Mr. Norman Gautreau, the well known Revere artist, have always been there to support the development of the RevereBeach.com website.

The creative design of RevereBeach.com has evolved over the years.  It is currently maintained by Alex DeFronzo of the Paragon Studio of Design in Winthrop, Massachusetts. Christine Saucier, Freelance Design Services designed and developed both the initial 1997 site to 2009 version of the web site. Howie Green Design Inc. created the previous version of the site. Each of these superior design teams have offered generous creative talent and insight into the interests of visitors to the RevereBeach.com website.

RevereBeach.com offers its visitors an opportunity to share and learn more of the rich history of Revere Beach and it has also become a great place for people to reconnect. Our Twitter and Facebook pages,which is an integral segment within the website, offers a wonderful place for friends, family members and former residents to once again enjoy Revere Beach. It was usually at the beach where many of us grew up had our very first job or met our sweethearts. It may have been the place where you heard the best music, had the best pizza, or rode the biggest roller coaster. It certainly was a place you’ll never forget! That’s why we created RevereBeach.com. We knew you wanted to remember those days and share them with others once again.

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