Beach Reflections

Beach Reflections: Shoreline images ..Nyx Breen Photography

Sunset on the beach
Natures provides memories of wonder and amazement changing each time you walk the shore.

The one constant at the beach is it changes as inevitable as the tides flow in and a wave breaks.

In our collective subconscious are the memories of warm, sun-filled satisfaction. Young with no cares and a day of exploration discovering one’s environment and self was the order of the day.

The beach’s beauty lies in the rising sun’s direction to the east, where the sand touches the tide, and the sea flows to the horizon. Above flies gulls, clouds, and colors of the day. Rendering a palette of subtle grey to vibrant glows of blue, orange, and magenta hanging above a reflective sea that turns from a mirror to a tempest according to nature’s passions.

Although changing over seasons and tides, our beach of days gone by has retained it’s inner beauty. Look closely, and raise your gaze outward to the horizon where awe and adventures spin in our minds. The sea captures a part of all who see it and walk its sands. Today’s vision slowly becomes our children’s past and our forgotten dreams. A shared identity connecting community families and individuals throughout the
time humans have walked this beach. 7,300,000+ tides have advanced and retreated from our shore during this time. Like the sandcastle in the sand, wind tide, and time consume it and erase its creations. Leaving us the sole holders of the beauty that once was.

Stroll along with me as we share images and experiences of Revere Beach and what it means to us individually and collectively.