Beach Reflections

Between Sand & Sea

Remember the times you have sat at the beach any time of day or any time of year. It has the same impact on your being no matter who you are. Slowly and inevitably, just as the wind blows and the waves roll, you are lulled into a meditative state of mind. The ocean, rhythms, and beauty of the surroundings take over and produce the desire to reflect and think a little longer and a little deeper on what nature has provided in this setting.

Experiencing what the beach presents to all of us is a shared feeling unique to each of us. Instinctively, all recognize how private and yet how open and shared our encounter is with others. While at the beach, sitting on the wall walking along with the waters edge shoes in hand.

Stroll along with me as we share images and experiences of Revere Beach and what it means to us individually and collectively.


Story & Images by Nyx Breen

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