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New Playground being installed at Oak Island Park

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October 27, 2016

Volunteers spent last week installing new playground equipment at Oak Island Park.


REVERE — The city has a sparkle thanks to a volunteer effort to spruce up neighborhood parks, the business district and even a cemetery.

The projects, “Beautify Revere” and “Community Build,” brought more than 300 residents together for a single purpose: making the city a better place for everyone.

Last weekend, this year’s final clean-up was completed at the Rumney Marsh Burial Ground, the National Register of Historic Places resting place of 545 of Revere’s earliest settlers on Butler Street.

Two miles away, Kerri Courtois and her team installed a new playground set at Oak Island Park, one block from Revere Beach. She helped replace the swing set and jungle gym whose useful life had passed.

“I don’t want to say the equipment we replaced was dilapidated, but it was certainly neglected and not very colorful,” she said. “The new one has all the bells and whistles that kids will love.”

The weekend project turned homeowners and tenants into do-it-yourselfers. Volunteers poured concrete, followed complicated directions and used power tools to get the job done, all this in last weekend’s rain.

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