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    Lots of Events & Activities



  • Urban Trail Shirley Ave area

    Urban Trail Shirley Ave area

  • The DerbyRacer double rollercoaster circa 1920’s

    The DerbyRacer double rollercoaster circa 1920’s

  • Seagulls love the pizza and fried clams

    Seagulls love the pizza and fried clams

  •  The Goomba’s Bocce Team

    The Goomba’s Bocce Team

  • Home to America’s First Public Beach a National Historic Landmark

    Home to America’s First Public Beach a National Historic Landmark

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Bocce on the Beach, August 25

This event will be run by New England’s leading Bocce aficionados Mario Pagnoni is the author of The Joy of Bocce, which Newsweek called “the definitive guide to the sport”. With knowledge culled from playing all over the USA and interviewing the game’s top players, Pagnoni’s book covers the A to Z of bocce… Rules Backyard bocce and tournament play Strategies and techniques Equipment Court construction History of the game Pagnoni will be your event director—on hand to explain the game, demonstrate the techniques and strategies and answer any questions. Joy of Bocce LLC P.O. Box 608 Methuen, MA 01844 Phone: 978-686-8679 Email: BocceGuy@JoyofBocce.com Http://www.JoyofBocce.com Bocce Tourney Info Four players per team with two teammates stationed at each end of the court rolling two balls each. We will use United States Bocce Federation Open Rules. Tourney Director Mario Pagnoni is USBF Eastern United States Sector Vice-President. Games to 12 points …

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Sandsculpting Sucess Story

In just nine years the Sandcastle Festival has become one of the best attended, talked about and written about summer venues on this part of the Northeast coast. From a very humble, quiet, somewhat stumbling and fumbling beginning, the festival has grown into a massive event of the first order and as such, all future efforts must be well orchestrated, funded and carried out. Last weekend’s festival attendance was over the top, especially the crowd that came out all day Saturday and culminating with the enormous crowd that filled every portion of Revere Beach for the fireworks display. That crowd was estimated at more than 100,000 people and many an old timer remarked they hadn’t seen a crowd like this at the beach since the 1940’s. Some said the crowd rivaled the 100thanniversary beach extravaganza that brought so many to Revere in the 1990’s. It is the mass of people …

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Showcasing Local Artists in Sand

REVERE (CBS) – Half a million people are expected to crowd onto Revere Beach this weekend for the ninthannual sand sculpture contest. The event brings in artists from all over the world, but local man Michael Martelli of Revere is also participating in the event. Martelli is an oil painter by trade, but he says he loves this event even though it’s a lot of work. “The first day is probably the hardest day of the contest, the next three days are sculpting. Today is where you have to move all of the sand, put it into the form, put water with it, pack it all down.  So you end up shoveling like 20 tons of sand, there is like 10 tons there but you have to move it and then you have to put it back. So this is the grueling part,” explains Martelli. Martelli says oftentimes when he …

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Envisioning a New Wonderland

Few people get visibly excited while discussing the opening of a parking garage, but the gray concrete structure that rises seven levels above Route 1A in Revere has commanding views of the Atlantic, houses around 1,500 cars, and has been fodder for small talk among subway passengers for the last 18 months. “I like that it’s a covered garage,” said George Doulis, a Lynn accountant who commutes to Boston on weekdays and has watched the facility being constructed. On a recent day, he stood outside the garage and pronounced it fit to park in before catching the subway to Boston. “Now, after a long day at work in the winter, I won’t have to come back and shovel my car out in the lot.” Project manager Tom Rovero (left) chats with Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo in the T’s new Wonderland Station garage. Rizzo hopes to fill up Revere Beach with …

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