Add a Fire Pit this Fall!

“Fire is one of our best friends in this cold universe. Put some wood in it to show your gratitude” ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

There’s something magical about an outdoor fire. Not unlike your home’s kitchen during a holiday party, crowds gather and unite around this bustling center of activity.

S’mores, drinks, stories and laughter…all hallmarks of a well-planned evening!

While building a fire really can be as easy as gathering some kindling and a lighter, the presentation and actual setting can make a major impact on the evenings ambiance and to what extent your guests are comfortable.

New Englanders are no stranger to cool fall and spring evenings, so if outdoor fires are a regular part of your family’s routine and you want to move beyond that char-filled hole in the ground, it’s time for some inspiration.

Whether you want a fire pit that serves as a focal point in your yard for large crowds or provides a cozy oasis for two, we’ve got you covered!


Our Ultimate Guide to Fire Pits Includes:

  • A wealth of ideas
  • Popular designs
  • Location Tips & Tricks
  • Essential accessories
  • Simple, DIY How-To’s

Check out these inspiring styles and possibilities, and create the fire pit of your dreams, today!


Choose Your Fire Pit Design

Option 1: Fire Pits

Photo courtesy of: http://hngideas.com/outdoor/20-stunning-diy-fire-pits-you-can-build-easily/

How would this one look in your yard?

Fire pits are a very common design and can be bought in kits or done DIY style rather easily. Using bricks, cement blocks, stone blocks, or cobblestones, you can create any shape you desire. They can be made permanent or portable, and are relatively inexpensive to make.



  • Many different options for shape
  • Can accomodate a grill on top
  • Has a sence of rustic charm
  • Inexpensive to construct


  • Could potentially become smoky
  • If permanent, unable to change locations
  • Requires a decent amount of open space


If this seems like the right fit for you, check out these easy DIY ideas and get started:

Building a Firepit: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/how-to/how-to-build-fire-pit-0

Popular Fire Pit Videos: http://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/topics/fire-pits

30 DIY Backyard Fire Pits: http://www.mostcraft.com/diy-fire-pits/

DIY Fire Pit: https://www.trexfurniture.com/blog/2016/05/05/warm-diy-firepit/


Option 2: Fire Bowls


Photo courtesy of: http://www.blazefireplaces.com/?action=products&id=113

Thinking of a more modern style for your home?

Look no further than these chic fire bowls. Super simple and incedibly unique (great “wow” factor for guests), fire bowls are typically low to the ground and round in shape.



  • Able to be created to desired size
  • Can be table-top size or for the ground
  • Potential to be portable


  • Many are gas burning, and expensive if so
  • Smaller size bowls cannot hold large fires
  • Generally very low to ground, if not table-top


Like the fire bowl idea? Get some inspiration from these resources:

DIY Modern Concrete Fire Bowl: http://www.manmadediy.com/users/chris/posts/2618-how-to-make-a-diy-modern-concrete-fire-pit-from-scratch

5 Easy Steps to a Concrete Fire Bowl: https://runyonrental.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/how-to-make-a-concrete-fire-pit-or-fire-bowl-in-5-easy-steps/

Fire Glass Fire Bowls: http://bestplants.com/fire-glass-no-smoke-odor-or-ashes-and-plenty-of-style/

DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl Ideas: http://todayscreativelife.com/diy-tabletop-fire-bowl/


Option 3: Fire Pit Tables

Photo courtesy of: http://www.homedit.com/introducing-firepit-tables/

Are you the entertaining type?

If so, fire pit tables are catered to you. Though they usually require more space than other types of fire pits, they seem to handle larger groups with ease. With flat surfaces on their perimeter, they are able to accomodate all the food, drinks and other odds & ends you have around. Used as a social gathering spot, heat source and place for your things, these tables are a great addition to your yard.


  • Options for different shapes
  • Potential to cook food over grill on the fire
  • Depending on size of table, larger pieces of wood can be burned
  • Fire is higher off the ground


  • May be smokey near face or food
  • Can take up a decent amount of space
  • Can become expensive



Not sure what style fits you and your needs best? Here are some ideas to help inspire you:

14+ Fire Pit Table Ideas: http://www.homedit.com/introducing-firepit-tables/

DIY Pallet Fire Pit Table: http://www.99pallets.com/pallet-furniture/diy-pallet-fire-pit-table-with-firewood-storage/

DIY Rustic Wooden Spool Fire Pit Table: http://www.revivesalonsf.com/blog/diy-rustic-wooden-spool-fire-pit-table/

5 Step Fire Pit Table for the Welder: http://www.wcwelding.com/gas-fire-pit.html

Option 4: Chimineas

Photo courtesy of: http://www.gardenista.com/posts/10-easy-pieces-chimineas/

Would you rather a classic style for your backyard setting?

Enter: Chimineas. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, Chimineas are a hot item right now (pun intended!). Though the size of the chiminea will dictate the size of the fire, it will retain more heat while funneling the smoke up and away from your patio area. Normally made out of ceramic material, cast-iron or aluminum, chinineas are fuel efficient and rather inexpensive, especially if you go the DIY route.



  • Less smoky than firepit
  • Considered safer than firepit
  • Have unique designs
  • Can be different types of materials (i.e. clay, copper, cast iron, steel, aluminum)


  • Uses a lot of small wood pieces
  • If clay isn’t taken care of properly, it could crack


Looking for something classic? Check out these sensational chiminea ideas:

10 Eye-catching Chimineas to Help Fuel Your Fire: http://www.gardenista.com/posts/10-easy-pieces-chimineas/

How to Maintain and Care for Your Chiminea: http://www.chimineashop.co.uk/blog/category/chiminea-care/

Types of Chimineas: http://mylifeonthedeck.com/archives/853

Picking the Best Chiminea for Your Space: http://www.urbanturnip.org/picking-best-chiminea/

Location, Location, Location!

Did someone mention location? Choosing a spot for the fire pit design of your choice can be a tough one, but we’re here to help! From entertaining guests to having a quiet, intimate space, the possibilities are endless.

Considerations when choosing the setting or atmosphere for your fire creation are things such as, what mosts interests you, and how will you be using the area? Do you want a smaller, more remote setting for intimage gatherings with friends and family? Or would a large area that can accomodate lots of chairs and blankets be best?

Don’t Forget About Safety!

The most important step to choosing a location for your fire pit, bowl or table is in finding a spot that’s safe. This means not too close to any overhanging trees or shrubs, wood decks or of course, your house.

At a Quick Glance:

  • Where you build it can impact your safety and enjoyment.
  • Choose a large open & level space, ensuring no flames/sparks can reach flammable materials.
  • Fire pits work well in social locations such as a patio
  • Check your local regulations and codes on where you can locate your fire pit!
  • Be sure there is enough space around your fire pit if you would like to enjoy it from all sides.
  • A good rule is at least 7 feet from the fire pit, to allow people to walk around the pit, move closer if they’re cold or farther away if they’re warm.
  • Before lighting an outdoor fire, check the weather forecast and avoid windy conditions.
  • Clean combustible materials away from around fire pit.
  • Always have some water/a hose nearby in case of need.

More Fire Pit Information:

Fire Pit Placement: https://www.landscapingnetwork.com/fire-pits/placement.html

Fire Pit Safety: http://www.hgtv.com/design/outdoor-design/landscaping-and-hardscaping/outdoor-fire-pits-and-fire-pit-safety

Don’t Forget to Decorate!


Photo courtesy of: http://www.woohome.com/outdoor/26-breathtaking-yard-and-patio-string-lighting-ideas-will-fascinate-you

Chairs, cushions, pillows, blankets, side tables; there are so many options for decorating and color schemes, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

The seating area around an outdoor firepit is an essential part of the atmosphere! You can mix and match different styles and colors of pillows and throw blankets in any way you would like.

Adding side tables can create an inviting atmosphere to have some drinks and snacks outside by the fire pit with company.

– Add candles (real or fake) for more light, or other whimsical ideas such as hanging string lights

– Add patterns for pop-of-color with solid colors of cushions/pillows/blankets

Looking for some awesome and amazing decorating around the fire pit? Look no further:

10 Design Ideas for an Outdoor Fire Pit: http://decoratingfiles.com/2013/10/10-outdoor-fire-pit/

50 Outdoor Fire Pits Ideas: https://homebnc.com/best-outdoor-fire-pit-designs-decor-ideas/

25 Backyard Decor and Design Ideas: http://blog.outdoorelegance.com/topic/patio-furniture

Outdoor Living Inspiration: http://www.designloversblog.com/design-and-decoration/inspiration-outdoor-living-rooms/


For The Fire

Do you need some accessories or fuel for the fire pit? Of course you do!

There are many extras to add, but here’s a quick list of some we recommend:

And don’t forget these bonus suggestions for the ultimate experience:

What are you going to build?

If you’re looking to create a nice space to be outdoors with friends and family on those crisp days and cool nights, bookmark this post for future guidance and inspiration and then get started.

Simply choose a fire pit design, choose your location, and add some color and decorations.

You’ll have a nice social centerpiece for many years of enjoyment ahead!

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