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Mohegan Sun Officials Tell Council of Unique Elements in Resort Plan

Story by Seth Daniels- Revere Journal

Mohegan Sun officials appeared at the City Council on Monday night and painted a dazzling picture of rooftop gardens, solar power, electrical generation plants and food scraps from the resort that would be turned into natural gas via a company in Waltham.

The visit to the Council was just one of many visits around the community that Mohegan and Suffolk Downs officials are making in a whirlwind tour of the city prior to the Feb. 25 referendum vote.

“This project is one that will connect with Revere and complement Revere,” said Mohegan project coordinator and tribal member Peter Schultz. It will not dominate Revere. It will be a compliment.”

Some of the more interesting points in the presentation included plans for a solar photovoltaic installation totaling 1 megawatt and an onsite gas-fired cogeneration electrical plant – both of which will help provide the resort and reduce its dependence on the local grid.

Also planned is a 5,000 sq. ft. greenhouse on the roof that will grow food to be used in the resort and casino.

“It’s going to be used to grow vegetables on the roof of the building using hydroponic technology and they will be used at the restaurants,” Schultz said. “That will be complemented by a farm to table restaurant on the premises.”

He also rolled out the plan to reuse all food scraps from the resort. Contracting with a company out of Waltham, the resort will save those scraps and send them to the company in order to be made into biogas – a form of natural gas.

He also said they plan to have a rainwater collection tank on the roof that will be used for certain water needs at the resort.

All of it, he said, is meant to help the resort get a Gold LEED certification – the highest environmentally friendly building certification a developer can achieve.

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